Food presentation is the art of decorating, modifying, arranging, or processing food to enhance its aesthetic appeal. It is as important as the taste and flavor of the food. These days a perfect dining experience is no longer determined by the taste but also its presentation. It is the key to pull all five senses into the experience of eating. Hear the food being cooked, smell the ingredients, enjoy the texture as you eat, create an unforgettable taste, and of course, visually taste the food before it ever hits your tongue.

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Did you know that before the food ever touches your tongue you’ve already tasted it? that may sound impossible, but we visually taste our food long before we ever taste it in our mouths. As soon as we look at the food our mind makes an assumption on how the food will taste. In simpler terms, this visual tasting experience comes down to good or bad presentation. If the food on the plate will look appetizing, it will tempt you then you’ll enjoy it. For example, imagine how your room looks when it’s messy and how it looks when you clean it up, with the same ingredients, different results. It is just as true with food presentation and how the elements are arranged on the plate.

Do you know what’s the best way for a chef to show his personality or innovation? It’s how he presents his food to the one who is eating. Presentation is like an art form, spending time on this is very useful as it helps in improving the texture, color, and taste of the food to create a masterpiece on the plate. If the food is served on a dirty plate, no matter what you won’t like the taste of the food.

indian food

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Presentation of food is really important when it comes to marketing. Customer is like a God for restaurants, the staff has to serve them the best and beautiful food. If they’ll like the presentation of the dish, they are more likely to upload the picture of the food on social media and this is the best way of marketing. This will eventually open doors and opportunities for the restaurant to appear in front of new people.


If the food consists of proper and measured combinations of elements like sauce, garnish and the sides, then only it is said to be presented properly. These combinations and ingredients that make up a good food presentation not only add but also elevate the quality and taste of the dish. Different kinds of sauce and garnishes add a different flavor and texture to the dish making the entire food presentation not only visually pleasing but tastier as well.


As soon as we look at the perfect presented food, we tempt for it then no matter what the price is, we all gonna taste the beautiful dish. Perception is a key aspect of a successful dining experience. The food which is presented in a good manner gives the impression to customers that the food you are serving them is of a high quality that takes a lot of effort to make.


Food presentation psychologically communicates how the quality of your restaurant is. It is a signifier of the experience level and expertise of your kitchen staff. Bad food presentation reflects a disorganized and unsanitary kitchen with subpar food quality.

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